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tion of his bravery by tossing silver dollars into the ring; and a wounded picador has been known to gather up a hatful of these welcome coins bef

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ore retiring. SCENES AT A BULL-FIGHT. "A priest is always waiting in a room near the toril, in order to offer the last sacrament to any


luckless combatant who may be fatally injured. When a bull is killed his body is dragged off by a team of richly ornamented mules; these mules form part of the procession that opens the performance, but they never seem to ma

nifest any special pride in their work. "We are told that the spectators are often wild with excitement over the incidents of a bull-fight; they smash the furniture and railings, and have been known to wreck a considerable portion of the wood-work of the ring in their fury. Somb


nd it is in such cases that the picador

en hundreds of [Pg 323] spectators leaving the place bareheaded at the end of an ex

may be gored, perhaps to death. If h

citing day. From four to six bulls are killed at a performance—four being the usual number—and ten o

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